On the bus
It’s too tempting to play with photo filters and make everything look a bit more interesting and vibrant than it is in real life. I see some people rail against this in various places, and I wonder why it bothers them so much. None of the answers I can come up with are terribly flattering to the complainers, so I’ll choose to believe they’re just fierce warriors for reality and move on…


3 thoughts on “Filtered

  1. Jackie,
    I was thinking about this last week, when I saw a group of people complaining about instagram in general and I think the problem is people are thinking of picture taking on mobile devises too narrowly and only think of them as pictures. To me they represent another way of communicating, a visual tweet for lack or a better explanation.

  2. Well hello, gorgeous! The best filter (which you always have) is your inner beauty shining through.

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