Three great beauty products

oraser-body-emulsion_01) ZO Skin Health Oraser Body Emulsion ($80 for 240ml – NOTE that this product is so popular that it is currently completely sold out; ZO’s reps tell me it will be available again by the end of April)

I’ve had this product for more than a year, when it was gifted to me by the legendary Dr. Obagi and his team at ZO. You will never find a better body lotion – and I say that as someone who must have tested hundreds over the years. Whether you want to pay this kind of money for a superb body lotion is another question.

But where this product really shines, for me, is as an emergency facial moisturizer. And by “emergency” I mean one of those days when, out of nowhere, your skin is offensively dry. This happened to me on Sunday, likely as a result of using an overly harsh (2% salicylic acid) cleanser twice a day, plus an exfoliating scrub every other night. So I immediately switched to a more gentle cleanser (more on that later) and applied a thin layer of this emulsion to my face at bedtime. When I woke up, my skin was back to its usual self. I was worried that using a body product on my face might cause excess shine or even a breakout, but no. I’ve continued to use it every other morning on top of my serum, and it’s a lifesaver.

boots2) Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Lotion ($4.69 for 6.7 oz)

This is the cleanser I switched to in an effort to rescue my skin from the ravages of winter and too much salicylic acid. I was going to grab an Olay cleanser when I was at Target, but my nostalgia for life in the UK led me to the Boots display – and I was shocked at how cheap this product was, so had to try it. I have to say, it’s fabulous and very similar to old faithfuls Cetaphil and CeraVe in function and feel…but much, much cheaper. I’m using this as my evening cleanser and love it. (I also don’t wear much makeup – mineral foundation is the extent of it these days – so cannot attest to its abilities to remove heavy cosmetics.)

frieda3) John Frieda Full Repair Style Revival Heat-Activated Styling Spray ($9.99 for 4 oz)

If your hair can feel limp and lifeless, you have to try this. It gives instant body and fullness, and makes mine look and feel thicker, too. I let my hair air dry 80%, then spray this on and blow-dry. Definitely a keeper.


2 thoughts on “Three great beauty products

  1. I was on my second bottle of the Boots sensitive skin cleanser, and liked it a lot, until I realized it exacerbated dry flakies on my once very oily but now 40ish skin. I’ve quit using cleansers entirely and now wash my face in the shower with a brown sugar/olive oil/coconut oil exfoliating paste. I still use the Boots with tissue as a cold cream to remove eye makeup. I love using oil to cleanse my face and the flaky patches have improved quite a bit. As a bonus it’s even cheaper than the Boots.

    1. My skin isn’t the kind that would take well to cleansing with oil, though many friends swear by it. Jealous!

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