Annie Rooney (1977 – 2013)





I’d known Annie since we were 11 years old. We lost touch for many years, but our mutual friend Libby reconnected us in 2008.

She was so open and kind, and we talked at length about how it felt to leave our tiny hometown and then come back to the area. Annie had gone to Brown and the Rhode Island School of Design, then to law school, and became a prosecutor in Bozeman, Montana. She’d also herd bison and teach yoga, when she wasn’t climbing mountains or racing mountain bikes or riding horses or skiing.

Annie’s grip on life was so strong that it just doesn’t compute that she is gone. It makes no sense that someone so vibrant, so full of energy, is now forever still. There is no way to process that someone who gave so much, both as a public servant and a friend, had her life cruelly taken from her in the most rage-inducing of circumstances.

So many people love Annie. To say that hearts are broken is the biggest understatement I can imagine. Nothing seems fair tonight, and everything is wrong, except that Annie was here for a while. She made the most of her all too short life. She will be missed forever.


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