Vegas girls

The middle child nailed it: “It’s Mitzrayim with gift shops,” she said after seeing the Luxor’s pyramid, sphinx, and obelisk.

We all decamped to a great Pesach resort at Green Valley Ranch, just outside Las Vegas, for Passover. But the kids got their first glimpse of the more family-friendly elements of the Strip on the first day of chol hamoed. It made me think of this anecdote about our dear friend Cathy Seipp Z”L, from another dear friend, Nancy Rommelmann:

I remember mentioning at one such lunch in 1995 that the magazine was sending Hillary Johnson and me and our two small children to Las Vegas, to write about how the city was becoming kid-friendly.

“That’s a sin,” Cathy said from across the table. I thought she was kidding. When she repeated it, I knew she was not.

Speaking of mothers and sins, Cathy would be so proud of Nancy’s upcoming book, To the Bridge. Nancy spent seven years interacting with the players, investigating, and struggling to make sense of the most senseless crime imaginable. You can pre-order here.