Sukkah Sparks

Having been blessed with a rather large sukkah on the back deck of this new house, I am in Sukkot planning overdrive.

I’m a big fan of the humble sukkah, with folding chairs and kids’ decorations hanging from vinyl walls. That’s certainly what I’m used to, and it’s always been a very meaningful chag for everyone involved.

sukkah lights

But it’s hard not to feel inspired by some of the beautiful sukkot others execute. The layouts, lighting, drapery, furniture and small touches people have come up with are stunning.

So I’m finally using my old Pinterest account and collecting my sukkah inspiration if you’re inclined to take your own tabernacle to the next level. (There is some overlap with my tablescapes inspiration and floral inspiration boards.)

Like I said, a low-key family sukkah is a very special place. It might not even be tznius to aim for a striking sukkah! Or at least that will be my excuse when my time management and motivation fail to keep pace with my imagination.