La tristesse durera

I’ve got to hand one thing to contemporary commies: Many of them put out some decent records. Because I am currently fixated on how old all my favorite pop culture relics are, it must be stated that this Manic Street Preachers track came out 26 years ago. Apart from the pinko lyrics, it’s still perfect.

A Design for Life, a mere 22 years old, has also aged well.

What hasn’t? Well…

La Tristesse Durera, I am humbled to say, is now only worth listening to for nostalgia’s sake. I’m not even going to link to it. I Know Enough by theaudience is still fun, but it’s a tad embarrassing to reflect upon how much I once enjoyed it.

In summary: The potholes have all been paved over on Memory Lane. It’s probably a route best avoided.